Make Your Move

My deep, indefinite passion for discovering character and enthusiasm has lead me here to you! Wholeheartedly I believe we live in a world that wastes no time in sharing its two cents on any given topic at hand (Individuality, Charisma, Purpose, Wellness, Finances, Dreams and Aspirations… You name it, it’s there!). So, what if I told you that utilizing those two cents and offering it as a means of positive reinforcement could create a whirlwind of life-changing opportunities?

Life can be challenging! Growing up and seeking true identity can be overwhelming for the vast majority. It becomes all the more taxing when we are surrounded by skepticism and undesired pressure to live a definitive lifestyle and perform it in a specific fashion. 

My purpose here today is to share a few personal trials, achievements, goals and everything in between. However, my greatest desire for this page is to make it more about you! I long to be your empathetic listener and voice of encouragement. I fear that in this fast-paced world we live in, we are quickly losing personal connections and the desire to help those around us. As your listener and new friend, I encourage you to share your stories along with me. Let’s make a movement in the way we live – Discover who we are, spread encouragement and lend a hand to those aspiring to do great things.

Thank You!!

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